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Joe Cantanucci, MassMutual Capitol District
Joe Cantanucci has achieved many of his life goals, yet he is most proud of knowing he has provided others with the knowledge, guidance and resources they need to succeed.

In 1998, Joe had graduated from New York University with a bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering and worked as a record label executive. His biggest career break however, didn't come from working with famous musicians but when he met two financial advisors. Their enthusiasm for helping others achieve financial security was infectious, leading Joe to make a monumental career shift into financial services. Joe immediately took to his new role working with closely held corporations implementing retirement plans, buy-sell agreements, succession plans and implementing wealth transfer strategies for affluent families. His first year in business, he qualified as one of the top new advisors at his firm.

Joe's next career break came when he was offered the role as Unit Sales Manager with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) in San Francisco. By recruiting others who shared his passion for service and providing them with support and inspiration, Joe created a district office model of efficiency and productivity. He grew the office from a 500 square foot incubator space to a highly successful 8,000 square foot district office. He qualified for MassMutual's prestigious Management Council (2003-2016).

Eager to replicate Joe's success on the east coast, MassMutual tapped Joe to lead its Capitol District agency. Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia and with offices in Annapolis and Towson, Maryland, the agency serves over 21,000 clients1, has nearly $2.5 billion in assets under management2 and $5 billion of life insurance coverage inforce.3 In this role, he continues to pursue his vision of building a market leading financial services firm and helping others achieve career success and financial security for those they love. Joe and his wife, Nathania, live in Falls Church, Virginia with their young sons, Joseph and Calvin.



Joe's “Why”

Let’s face it, the financial industry is difficult, especially if you are just starting out. However, being a business owner comes with its own unique set of challenges. If you’ve gotten off-track lately, if you feel you’re not working to your full potential, try remembering why you do your work in the first place.

Honestly, what gets you out of bed in the morning? What’s your motivation?   

I’d like to share with you a little bit about my “why”.   

When I got into this business, I wanted to make a lot of money. I wanted a tailored suit, a fancy office, and a downtown loft. I didn’t want to have to show up at the same time every day and work a regular schedule. I wanted to be financially literate so I could help my family and friends.

But then in my second year in the business, my “why” changed.

I had the opportunity to deliver my first Death Claim. It changed my life forever.

Until then I really had no idea what I was selling or the power of the products I was selling. I was doing it for a commission. I delivered a checkbook to my deceased client’s 10 family beneficiaries for $500,000 each. They told me how they would be able to maintain the family home and all the kids could stay in school to finish their degrees. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I realized that I could make all of my personal goals come true while simultaneously impacting my clients and community. I was hooked on this business for life. 

Early on I knew I wanted to be in the management program. I loved building teams and wanted to not only build a practice, but also an Agency. I struggled my first year as a manager. It was a challenge to manage all of the “balls in the air”. Over time I built systems and processes to help. I was naturally a good advisor but as a leader, I had to invest time, money and energy into developing myself.

The outcome wasn’t something I expected. Over time the greatest reward wasn’t the money or the trophies I was fortunate to attain--it was the impact I made on my team members’ lives. I have attended more weddings, baby sip and sees, retirement parties, and house warming parties than I can count. It is truly a privilege.   

And then...

One Saturday morning, I was finishing up a recruiting webinar in my San Francisco office, when I got a frantic call from my mother. She had come home to find my father dead on the couch--a pulmonary embolism at age 58. My father was my best buddy. We talked every day on the phone. We had a lot of goals and plans together. We wanted to fly fish around the world, build a classic car collection and ultimately, start an Adirondack Camp for underprivileged kids. The Adirondack, NY park is something we both love. Our “happy place” if you will.  


Here we are, the three Joes. This was taken right before his death. My father is Joseph Michael Cantanucci Jr., I am #3 and my son #4. This gives me tremendous pride. And this is what motivated me to leave a fairly cushiony existence in San Francisco to move to Falls Church, VA with my family and become the MassMutual Capitol District General Agent.

The move was about being closer to my family and being able to take care of not only my wife and sons but my widowed mother and four sisters as well. I want to provide my mother with the retirement she deserves. As you know, it is very hard to raise five kids and put them all through school. My parents have always given me the greatest opportunities in life, even when that meant not being able to save or have financial security themselves.

This is what motivates me to get out of my comfort zone every day. I want to build something worthwhile so I can show my sons what their dad did with his life. I want them to be able to have all of the opportunities my parents gave me and then some. I worry about my future grandson, JMC #5 and what his future will be like.    

The ability to be the MassMutual Capitol District leader and grow this Agency is the greatest opportunity I have been given. Not only is it an opportunity for me to realize my personal family goals but also to build something with all of you. Our story together is what creates my optimism and excitement each day. Not about where we currently are but where we are headed together.

I am truly grateful that all of my experiences have led me here. Sometimes amazing things come out of terrible tragedies. We find the best in ourselves to be able to overcome all of life’s challenges. I am confident that as a team we can overcome anything. 

What is your “why”?

What gets you out of bed every morning?

If you have been consistent with the system, continue to dig deep and get it done.

If you have fallen off track that is OK. We are all human. Spend time this week getting back on track.


For more articles by our managing partner, Joe Cantanucci, check out Joe's Corner.



Achieve success in a career helping others...

“Our clients trust us to help make their financial goals a reality. So, it’s my job to find the best and brightest financial advisors, cultivate an environment of collaboration, and provide the support and resources that help them deliver the best possible service.”


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MassMutual Capitol District: Who We Are

MassMutual Capitol District is a comprehensive financial services firm offering insurance, investment advisory and financial planning services, employee benefits and retirement planning products and services. We focus on meeting the needs of professionals, families, businesses, and organizations in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Founded in 1966, MassMutual Capitol District is known for its excellent reputation within the communities of the Washington, D.C. area, and has established a record of providing innovative solutions for clients through a broad array of financial planning products and services. At MassMutual Capitol District, we foster a highly motivated and professional environment where clients come first. My team and I are dedicated to supporting our financial professionals with the best resources and training they need to reach their highest potential, and help their clients meet all of their insurance and investment goals.


Beden Wealth Management

Our Teams

As a member to Capitol District, you will have access to some of the best teams in the industry to help you reach the next level in your career. Teams such as Beden Wealth Management share years of successful experience that can help you achieve success in a career helping others. 

You’ll also have access to a top tier internal support team, including the regional directors, to provide you the resources, knowledge, and insights to help you succeed.  


Brian Kowalski

Life Regional Director


Daniel Santos

Annuity Regional Director


Jean-Marc Pelletier

DI/LTCi Regional Director





Strength In Our Numbers

Through December 2017, MassMutual Capitol District has:

  • 21,196 Clients 4
  • Nearly $2.5 Billion in assets under management 5
  • $4,966,999,800 Life insurance coverage in force 6
  • $22,024,583 Life insurance benefits (claims) paid 7
  • $3,073,024 Disability income insurance benefits (claims) paid 8
  • $1,544,771,758 Client policy, contract and account values 9
  • $12,677,239 Dividends to whole life policy owners 10



Why Partner With Us?

Let’s start with location. The Metro-DC region is home to over 3.2 million people, many of them business owners or professionals with young families—and many of them don’t yet have any kind of framework in place for financial protection if life doesn’t go as expected. But how are you going to penetrate this under-served market? That’s where we come in. MassMutual Capitol District is already a preferred provider for many white-collar business associations, thanks to our diverse portfolio of products and services. And with our experience, we have the programs and the resources to help you succeed.

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Joe Cantanucci MassMutual Capitol District

A Preferred Provider

MassMutual Capitol District has become a preferred provider for many white collar professional associations which can help you discover opportunities for success that you'll find nowhere else.  

These preferred provider relationships were built through the extensive experience of our teams and competitive programs found only at MassMutual Capitol District. For disability income insurance, MassMutual Capitol District has access to individual disability income insurance policies targeted to professionals, business owners and corporate executives that provides non-cancelable, portable coverage with a level premium to age 65 (as long as premiums are paid).




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1 An insured, owner, or payer of a MassMutual policy or contract.
2 Assets under management as of 8/3/18.
3 Amount of life insurance in force as of 12/31/17 related to products issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company.
4 An insured, owner or payer of MassMutual policy or contract.
5 Assets under management as of 8/3/2018
6 Amount of individual life insurance in force as of 12/31/17 related to products issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company.
7 Amount of individual insurance claims paid from 1/1/17 to 12/31/17 related to products issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company.
8 Amount of disability income insurance claims paid from 1/1/17 to 12/31/17 related to products issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.
9 Includes values of MassMutual and subsidiary insurance companies' insurance and retirement products and investment products offered through MML Investors Services, LLC, a MassMutual subsidiary.
10 The amount of dividends to whole life policy owners in 2017. Dividends are not guaranteed.